XBOX SERIES Forza Horizon 5

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This is your HORIZON adventure: 
 Come and lead breathtaking journeys through the vibrant and evolving open world landscapes of Mexico with fun and unlimited action of driving hundreds of the best cars in the world.
It is an open and diverse world:  let’s explore a world of spectacular contrasts and beauty. Discover wildlife, rich jungles, historic cities, lost ruins, pristine beaches, huge canyons and a high volcano with a snow-capped peak.
This is an open world full of adventure:  let’s immerse yourself in a deep battle with hundreds of challenges that reward you for performing the actions you love. Meet new characters and choose the results of their Horizon story missions.

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It’s an open world that continues to evolve:  deal with breathtaking weather events like mighty sandstorms and powerful tropical storms, while
Mexico’s unique and dynamic seasons. Changing the world, every week. Keep visiting to enjoy events, challenges, collectibles and new areas to explore. No season will be like its predecessor.
It’s an open and social world:  Connect with other players and enter Horizon Arcade for a never-ending series of fun, amazing challenges that will provide constant action for you and your friends, with lots of fun without menus, loading screens or lobbies.
Meet new friends at Horizon Open and Tours and share your passions with community gift sharing.
(The console requires Xbox live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The memberships are sold separately).
This is your open world:  Create your own expressions of fun with the EventLab toolkit throughout the game, which includes custom racing, challenges, stunts and brand new game modes. Customization of cars like never before has been possible, with new options like opening and closing a sunroof, painting the brake systems and more. Use the new Gift Drops feature to share your creations with the community.