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Terms and Conditions of Use of the Future Mobile Ltd. website and the terms of purchase agreed upon in the stores

  1. Welcome to the homepage of the Future Mobile ltd.(Hereinafter: “Future”
  2. These Terms and Conditions, regulate the terms of use on the Future website as well as the terms of purchase in Future stores operated throughout the country (hereinafter): the “Terms”or the terms of useor the terms of purchase.
  3. Viewing and using and purchasing on the site and in Future stores are subject to all the provisions of the regulations and the provisions of any law.
  4. The user of the website confirms in doing so that he has read the provisions of the regulations and he agrees to them and undertakes to act accordingly.
  5. Future may, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, change from time to time the provisions of these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part and any other document regulating the terms of the contract between its customers and it.
  6. The use of masculine language when writing these rules is for convenience only and everything stated in it is intended for both women and men. What is said in the singular language should be read in the plural language as the case may be and vice versa.
  7. The headings in these Terms and Conditions are not binding or exhaustive and are for convenience only.
  8. It is clarified that all the conditions in these regulations are subject to all customary law, including the Consumer Protection Law 5741 1981 and its regulations.
  9. It is clarified that if it is determined in the future by a competent authority that a section of these By-Laws does not comply with one of the provisions of any law, this will not have an effect on legal issues of other sections in these By-Laws.
  10. Wherever Future is listed the intent is to include website operators, store staff and anyone on its behalf.

Terms of purchase on the Future website

  1. In general, purchases made on the Future website are made through future mobile ltd. 514748979.
  2. In various cases, the product may actually be delivered from one of the other companies in the company details will be provided on the purchase invoice or in another document that will be sent to the customer immediately upon completion of the purchase.
  3. The conditions appearing in these regulations and / or the purchase are subject to the laws of the State of Israel, including the Consumer Protection Law 5741 1981 and regulations that have been enacted in accordance with it, and in any case of conflict, the provisions of the law increase.
  4. Ordering via the Internet: Products can be ordered through the company’s website by filling out an order request form (after adding the product to the shopping cart on the site). After the order has been checked by a sales representative, you will be sent a message and / or an email confirming the order has been placed. In cases where the need arises, the sales representative will contact you by phone. The order is valid only after issuing an invoice and making a payment. Just filling in the details and placing the order on the website does not constitute a transaction.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, the counting of delivery days will begin only after the transaction is approved by Future and actual payment is received.
  6. Column error – a price that is extremely high and / or lower than the average price that is customary and / or a product that no longer exists and / or a specification and / or video / illustration to be published in which a typing error and / or malfunction occurred, Future may cancel the transaction Subject to notice to buyer. If payment is received the buyer will receive a refund immediately.
  7. Home deliveries: A company provides home delivery services. The service is provided throughout the country, but under the limits of the frequency of lines in the forwarding companies that provide the service. Therefore, deliveries to distant places or beyond the Green Line can exceed the delivery time indicated on the website.

Also, there are places that delivery may be more expensive due to being a remote settlement ( list of remote settlements ) or alternatively because the product ordered requires special delivery due to its weight or volume. The final price of the shipment is as provided by the sales representative before the transaction is charged if the shipping fee will be different from that specified on the website.

  1. Shipping cost: The shipping cost is as stated on the website and is in additionto the cost of the order itself unless otherwise stated.
  2. Payment options when ordering: You can pay by credit card issued in Israel only.

It is not possible to pay with cards issued abroad or with other cards that are not defined as credit cards under the Debit Cards Law, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing.

  1. You can pay by bank transfer- The day the receipt is confirmed (usually one business day after the transfer is made) is the date from which the delivery days will begin.
  2. When placing an order on the site, its possible to pay cash or visa , according to your purchase.
  3. Delivery of products for purchase on the website: Future will work to deliver the product by courier to the customer’s home in accordance with the business days as indicated on the website. For the avoidance of doubt, business days are Sunday to Thursday not including Friday, Saturday, holiday eves, holidays and Sabbath days. Upon delivery of the product, he may be required to present the courier with an official identification document with a photo and whose details match the credit card details in which the transaction was made. Upon delivery of the product, the identification document will be photocopied by the courier for verification of receipt of the product.
  4. Delivery through Future stores – the customer has the option to pick up the product he purchased from one of the Future stores around the country.
  5. Upon arrival of the product ordered at the branch, the customer will receive a message and email alerting the arrival of the product to the point indicated as the requested collection place as well as a secret code (which will be given to the credit card holder) which will be given to the seller for identification.
  6. For the purpose of collecting the order from the collection point, the ID number / license / passport issued in Israel must be presented, as well as the means of payment with which the order was made. Also, in cases where a secret code is sent for the purpose of collection, the code must be given to the representative in the store (in addition to presenting the means of identification) for the purpose of issuing the order.
  7. Coupons and promotions – Coupons and promotions advertised on the website and / or on the Facebook page operated by Future are valid on the website,

Transaction cancellation policy implemented on the Future website

  1. Purchase through the Website is a distance selling transaction as specified in sections 14 (c) (1), 14 (d), 14C1, 14e (a) and (b) of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “the Consumer Protection Law”).
  2. Cancellation of a distance selling transaction will be possible in accordance with the conditions specified in the sections of the above law and which are summarized below for convenience. For the avoidance of doubt, in any case of conflict between a summary and the provisions of the law, the provisions of the law shall prevail:
  3. Proprietary and Trademark Rights – All property and intellectual property rights in the Site, including its design, software, applications, computer code, graphics files, images, videos, designs, texts, specifications and any other information on and / or related to the Site, are the sole property of Future And will not make any use of them except with Future approval. Trademarks may not be used unless permission has been given in advance and in writing by
    1. A customer will be entitled to cancel a transaction he made on the Future website if 14 days have not passed from the receipt of the product or a document detailing the transaction details, which can be obtained by letter, telephone, online application (via the website) or email:
      • Email:
      • Tel: 02-6565818 between 10:00 and 19:00 every day- Friday and holidays it is closed.
      • In an oral message in all Future stores listed on the site.
      • By registered mail to the address Jerusalem, B.Box number 67270, zip code 917160
      • Using the existing contact link in the e-mail sent after placing the order (select the reason for canceling the transaction)
      • Cancellation via the dedicated link that appears at the bottom of the home page at  il
    2. A consumer who is a person with a disability, a senior citizen (aged 65 and over) or a new immigrant will be entitled to cancel such a transaction within 4 months, the dates specified in S. 30.
    3. A customer who requests to cancel a transaction due to a defect that exists in the product that he received or due to a mismatch between the advertised and the capabilities of the actual product will receive his full money back.
    4. In the event of cancellation of a transaction that is not due to a defect in the product, a cancellation fee of 5% or NIS 150 will apply, whichever is lower.
    5. The refund will be made at the end of 14 days and only if the product subject to the transaction has been returned to
    6. Will not allow cancellation of a transaction for the following products:
      • Lost goods
      • Computer programming
      • Goods that can be copied, recorded, copied or duplicated and whose packaging has been opened or damaged.
      • Product whose packaging has been removed from the original sticker with the identification number by the manufacturer .
      • if the product is opened and it was activated.
    7. For the avoidance of doubt, in case a customer ordered a stationary computer in personal construction on the Future website and also asked to install an operating system and / or any other software with an installation code, and then asked to cancel the transaction, the cost of software installed according to the customer’s wishes will be deducted from the refund.
  4. Proprietary and Trademark Rights – All property and intellectual property rights in the Site, including its design, software, applications, computer code, graphics files, images, videos, designs, texts, specifications and any other information on and / or related to the Site, are the sole property of Future And will not make any use of them except with the permission not to use the trademarks unless permission has been given in advance and in writing by Future.
  5. Privacy Policy When using the website – for the purpose of receiving an offer, completing an order and / or providing additional information, the customer will be asked to leave personal information on the website (such as name, telephone, address, email address). This information is required for the purpose of completing the actions requested by the customer. This information will not be provided to a third party, except in cases where we will be obliged to do so by law and / or a court order and / or a binding requirement from a competent authority to do so.

Terms of purchase at Future stores

  1. The sale and purchase in Future stores will be made in accordance with the binding legal provisions and in accordance with the conditions set out below; In the event of a conflict between any of the following terms and conditions of law, the provisions of the law shall prevail;
  2. Payment options at Future stores:
    1. Cash payment – Cash payment (banknotes) at the time of purchase of the product will be in new shekels only and will be subject to the provisions of the Law for Reducing the Use of Cash, 2018.
    2. Payment by credit card – Payment by credit card will be made with an Israeli credit card only, which meets the definition of a credit card in the Debit Cards Law, 1986, can be paid in 12 installments with or without interest as specified on the product page and subject to presentation of identity card, driver’s license or passport issued in Israel And are in force.
    3. Payment by check (check – payment can be made by single check only (“cash check”). Delivery of the goods will be made up to 6 business days from the date of payment (and provided that the check is honored by the bank). Receipt of the said money to the company’s account.
    4. Payment by bank transfer – You can also pay by transferring the purchase amount to a Future account as specified by the seller in the store. Similar to the payment in the checks, the product (s) will be provided only after receiving confirmation of receipt of the transfer from the Bank of Future (one business day after the actual transfer).

Cancellation of a transaction made in a Future store

  1. Unlike a transaction on the website, a purchase in a Future store is not considered a distance selling transaction and therefore the provisions of section 14F of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 and the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transactions) Regulations 5719, 2010, which were enacted under it, will apply to it.
  2. Cancellation of a transaction after the invoice is issued and / or the return of the goods is possible provided the goods are not used, in proper and original packaging within 14 days from the date the invoice is issued, and you will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% or NIS 100.
  3. Return of product after 14 days will be with the consent of the company only and will be charged a cancellation fee of no more than 20% of the purchase price (subject to the physical condition of the product and its original packaging) and not less than NIS 50 in exchange for a purchase credit.
  4. Cases in which the customer will not have the right to cancel a transaction made in Future stores:
    • Lost goods
    • Computer programming
    • Goods that can be copied, recorded, copied or duplicated and whose packaging has been opened or damaged.
    • Product whose packaging has been removed from the original sticker with the identification number by the manufacturer
  5. Cancellation of a stationary computer and / or computer parts after it has been assembled for the customer but has not yet been delivered, the customer will be charged NIS 400 for assembling and dismantling the computer (cost of technician work). If an operating system and / or other software is installed at the express request of the customer and it identifies a product, the cost of the software will be deducted from the refund amount and the customer will remain the owner of the software.

Warranty and conditions apply to both on-site purchases and in stores


  1. Warranty will be given to the goods as defined in the Consumer Protection (Warranty and After-Sales Service) Regulations 2006, at a cost of NIS 150 and over and for a period of one year unless expressly stated otherwise and in writing.
  2. The warranty certificate attached to the invoice and / or packaging of the product at the time of purchase or by the importer is the only one that determines the warranty period and the terms of the warranty.
  3. The company, whose name appears in the invoice title, (hereinafter – “the company”) is responsible to the customer for the proper operation of the product if it is used under normal conditions, for the specified period (hereinafter – the warranty period) whose length is according to the type of product. However, the warranty for each type of product for its specific conditions depends on the manufacturer / importer and unless otherwise stated in the purchase invoice, the warranty is only one year. Warranty period begins on the day of purchase. All warranty is for repair and / or replacement of a product. The warranty for the product that will be repaired and / or replaced will continue for the remainder of the warranty period from the date of purchase, and will not be extended due to its repair or replacement.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, the warranty for products that were brought to Israel by another company and sold by Future will be by the importing company only and according to the conditions set forth in the warranty certificate on its behalf and which was attached to the product by it.
  5. The details of the importer and / or the service provider on his behalf will be provided to the customer on the purchase invoice, including contact details with them.
  6. Future will not be liable to the customer regarding liability for products that were brought to the State of Israel not by it and except in accordance with the conditions specified in section 19 of the Consumer Protection (Warranty and After-Sales Service) Regulations, 2006.
  7. During the warranty period, the company will take care of repairing and / or replacing, free of charge, a product that will appear to the company defective and which at its sole discretion is damaged due to work under normal conditions of use and / or that there is a defect in its manufacture
  8. If the product is not in the company’s inventory and / or its production is stopped, the company will replace the defective product with a product that is equivalent in quality and performance and / or better, and subject to law.
  9. It is the responsibility of the company to provide the same parts required by the company, to operate the product under normal conditions of use.
  10. A product that appears to be malfunctioning will be delivered to the Company’s Repair / Customer Service Lab when packaged in a manner that ensures customer damage prevention will be shipped to the Company, fully insured at the sender’s expense along with a warranty certificate and invoice that is proof of purchase. A product installed in a computer system that was not purchased from us will not be accepted. Only the purchased item must be delivered.
  11. The delivery of the product must be arranged in advance before it is sent by the customer. It is hereby agreed, in advance and explicitly that the company may inspect and / or repair any product it has received, at its sole discretion, when the customer bears the full payment (either  the transporting expense ) of the inspection and / or repair expenses, if the product and / or service is not covered by the company the lab only.
  12. Receipt of the product for inspection at the Future Laboratory / or Future Store or anyone on its behalf and / or on behalf of the product importer, if any, does not constitute recognition of any defect or deterioration in the product and does not constitute an obligation on behalf of
  13. In the following cases the warranty will not apply to the product, the repair of the product will not be within the warranty and the customer will be asked to confirm the cost of the repair if it can be repaired. The customer’s approval to carry out the repair constitutes an obligation on his part to pay for the repair:
    • Removal and / or tearing of the warranty sticker and / or the product identification number sticker.
    • In the Company’s opinion, the product has visible physical damage and / or any other damage which, in the Company’s opinion, is not under its control which was caused as a result of some external factor (such as: dust, moisture, liquids, corrosion, etc.). If the product is damaged, in the company’s opinion, as a result of use that does not comply with the operating instructions and / or incorrect use of the product and / or accident and / or force majeure including earthquake, fire, lightning, war, fall, water and other cases over which the company has no control
    • If the product is damaged, in the company’s opinion, by any disruption in the electricity network or any interruption in the continuity of the power supply, disruption or disruption in the telephone network, improper connection of the product to the electricity network including power cable not provided by the company and / or improper electrical outlet, Lack of use of grounding, or damage caused by another electrical device connected directly or indirectly to the product and / or if the equipment was activated or fed at a voltage higher and / or lower than the maximum allowed, according to the sticker and / or the manufacturer’s conditions.
    • If, in the Company’s opinion, any repair and / or change was made to the equipment, not by the Company’s laboratory, including assembling the parts of the equipment or several products together and in any case of improper and / or improper and / or unprofessional integration / connection of product (s) The company among themselves or of the company’s products and other products. The warranty will not be given in any case of change, removal of the equipment details and warranty details embedded or affixed to it and / or due to any handling and / or attempt to repair and / or modify the product by a person not authorized by Future or the product importer or both.
    • In cases of non-payment or repayment of the value of the product in a manner that deviates from the purchase agreement made. It is agreed that the company will have a right of delay until the end of payment
    • The source of damage to the product is the installation of software of some kind including viruses, spyware, etc. or due to malfunction or incompatibility of the computer with the software that was installed by the customer.
    • In cases where the product is damaged as a result of neglect or negligence including dirt or contamination or the existence of insects and pests.
    • In cases where a change has been made in the warranty certificate for a product that is not accompanied by a stamp
    • Any other case specified in the warranty reservations in the warranty certificate attached to the product and which does not contradict the provisions of any law.
    • The warranty for the product does not include any technical support and / or training obligation regarding the operation of the product.

Limitation of Product Liability

  1. Future shall not be liable for any damage and / or loss including to the body and / or equipment caused as a result of the purchase and / or use of the equipment and / or as a result of improper operation of equipment, but only for its repair and / or replacement subject to the conditions set out above.
  2. The company is not responsible for consequential and / or circumstantial damage and / or for loss of direct and / or indirect and / or economic profit and / or loss of profits, income, business, damage to reputation, and / or any other financial damage and / or mental distress, related Directly or indirectly to the product, and no compensation will be given
  3. There is no obligation on the part of the company with regard to the suitability of the product for a specific purpose, or with regard to its value and marketability.
  4. The company is not responsible for any damage to the information stored in the customer’s product – it is recommended to back up the information before handing the equipment to the laboratory.
  5. Future will not be responsible for parts assembled by the customer and / or anyone on his behalf even if the product was assembled in laboratories
  6. On a computer assembled by Future, at the end of one year from the date the invoice is issued, a computer test will be charged, some of whose components are still under warranty for a payment of NIS 100, which will be paid in advance.

Abandonment and storage costs

  1. A customer who leaves equipment at the branch or laboratory, without the written consent of the company will be charged a storage fee of NIS 50 per day, the company is not responsible for this equipment.
  2. It is agreed that equipment, which will not be collected, within 45 days, from the Company’s notice to its collection will become the Company’s property, without further consideration and at its sole discretion.

Commitment to the cheapest price

  1. Commitment to the cheapest price in the store – A customer who finds an identical product in a store located in the city or area, with immediate delivery under the same warranty terms and payment terms at a cheaper price than sold by Future, will be able to receive this product or equivalent at a cheaper price
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