The Crew 2


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Welcome to Motornation  Try the sea, air and land sites
Try new experiences in iconic places. Fly freely through fog and clouds over the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, burn the tires on the streets of New York, sail the Mississippi River and drive through every inch of the Grand Canyon. You can drive your upgraded dream car or a variety of iconic American motorcycles. Take the helm of the world’s fastest stunt jets or power ships: endless opportunities for fun and challenges throughout the United States.
Be the champion you always wanted to be
Join four different motor sports families from across the US: professional car racing and street racing, off-road driving experts, and free driving. They will take care of you with new vehicles and introduce you to their unique motor sport culture. Yours, collect and design your dream vehicles, showcase them at your headquarters, and leave a mark on the US motorsport world.
Share world records online
The world of The Crew 2 is driven by the need to share personal accomplishments and unique moments with friends – break records and be groundbreaking! Whenever you record an achievement, it will be kept as a new challenge for other players, while you will seek to surpass the records of others. Capture and share your best moments with the click of a button.