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Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a series of Pokemon games entering a new era and combining elements of action and RPG (role-playing games). You will have to catch, observe and explore wild Pokemon in a forgotten period from the past of Sino Province to create and complete the province’s first Pokedex.

The mysterious Pokemon that holds the key to how the world was created!
Your adventure takes place in the vast and expansive province of Hisui. There is probably the legendary Pokemon Arceus known as the “original”, as it is said that he created the province of Sina and possibly also the entire Pokemon universe.
Jubilee Village
Hissui District is where you will find the village of Jubilee, which is also the center of activity for the Galaxy team – people who came from different areas to study Hissui District and research how the Pokemon live there. You will leave the village to learn the different areas of hoisting and each time you complete a mission you will be given a new mission to discover research and more. In Hesui district there are special Pokemon that have received a mysterious blessing. Some of these Pokemon, known as noble and especially powerful tell that they willingly help the inhabitants of the area and live im in complete harmony, your encounters with these special Pokemon will be a central part of your story. Residents of the Hessian area treat these special Pokemon with great respect and cooperate with them to preserve the amazing Hessian district.
Sweeping plot
A strange phenomenon causes the noble Pokemon to behave strangely they become aggressive and very difficult to restrain. Your mission is to help them curb and understand what makes them behave this way. The Pokemon will behave strangely and their bodies will grow and you will soon have to fight them with sweeping and action-packed Pokemon to successfully curb them and then give them a cure by their favorite foods as you progress in the story of understanding the strange phenomenon.
Avoid attacks
It will not be easy to deal with the unexpected Pokemon they will release on you all their range of attacks, so be prepared for tough battles full of action.
Pokemon battles in unstoppable action
While Pokemon who are your formidable rivals you also have your own Pokemon that will help you in coping and by beating the opposing Pokemon you will get your hands on the top in battles full of pictorial action like there is only in the Pokemon world.
Play with the character Akri or Ray
As the protagonists of the game you will join the Galaxy team in its missions to discover the district of Hessu and complete your pokedex by a fun journey in a vast world inspired by Pokemon. At the beginning of the game you will choose one character while the other will join you as a companion for the journey.
No successful journey without a loyal partner
When you begin your journey to create the area’s first pokedex, you can choose between Ravelt, Syndquill and Oshawt as your partner Pokemon. The three Pokemon came along with the professor he met them while conducting research in other districts.
The Diamond and Pearl Tribe
Hisui area is not only the home of the Galaxy team, which will be joined in this area are also two other tribes: the Diamond Tribe and the Pearl Tribe. Both tribes have traditional clothing worn inspired by a particular Pokemon and both pay homage to the Pokemon and live in harmony with them. In addition, in the area you will find hawkers in the Ginkgo Guild who display their wares while traveling in the province.
Mount Coronate
Above the summit of Mount Coronate, cracks appeared in the sky, staining it with a strange and unclear hue …. Residents of the Hissui area call this phenomenon a “space-time fracture” and they are very apprehensive of this phenomenon and it is not clear what it really heralds. However, the cause of the phenomenon seems to be a very specific Pokemon with space and time related abilities.
The mysterious temple that stands on the top of the mountain
At the top of the mountain lies a magnificent temple built many years ago and is filled with ancient statues of many Pokemon. Prepare yourself for a difficult journey to the top of the mountain and explore the ancient temple. You will need to practice and strengthen yourself and your Pokemon.
The Pokemon that holds the key to your adventure and it is very possible that this is the most powerful Pokemon in the universe when legend has it that Archaeus himself created everything that exists in the world. But how does this wondrous Pokemon relate to your journey? Maybe it is related to a phenomenon that affects the Pokemon?

Age Restriction
The game is suitable for all ages – it is the buyer’s responsibility to check the content’s suitability for the user
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