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It has been seven months since the deadly plague struck New York City and the rest of the world and paralyzed the lives of the population. When the plague struck a dormant unit of civilian agents, the Division, was activated as the last line of defense. Division agents have since fought uncompromisingly to save what is left.

The risks are greater than ever for the Division unit. Washington, D.C., the most protected city on the planet, is in danger, leaving the entire nation on the verge of collapse. If Washington is destroyed the whole nation will fall. You and your team, as Divisional agents active in the field for seven months, the last hope is to stop the company from falling after the plague.
The Division 2 game, developed by Ubisoft Massive and the teams that brought The Division to you, is an open-world game from the action-role-shooting genre, featuring a collapsed capital city. The rich new design combines a wide range of beautiful, realistic and iconic environments, in which the player will experience the familiar authenticity of the series in architecture, advanced game system and fast-paced action like never before seen.
  • Play alone or with up to three friends in a 40-hour campaign in torn and dangerous Washington and begin your journey in Division 2 with fresh, unique and varied challenges.
  • Explore a large, living, dynamic world that evolves according to your actions and help liberate the city with tactical intervention.
  • Discover a new multiplayer game in the Dark Zone, designed to give all players an exciting experience, regardless of their level of progress.
  • Take part in the unseen gameplay and a year of free digital content: new missions, areas and gameplay features.
A changing world
Following the plague – storms, floods and riots changed Washington, D.C. from end to end. Explore an open world full of diverse environments, from urban and flooded areas to historic sites, on one of the hottest summers history has ever known. Rival factions have invaded the streets, each with its own purpose and all fighting for control of the capital. It is your responsibility to liberate the city and protect the rest of society.
An unending experience
The Division 2 was developed with a “first goal completion” mentality, which ensures that players will always have access to fresh, unique and varied activities long after completing the main campaign. The end of The Division 2 will offer new challenges and a character development system, a unique turnaround and surprises, and for the first time even the possibility of a storm. Players will have access to a wealth of additional in-game content, including a free one-year subscription to additional story-related missions, map expansions and additional game modes.
Upgraded character development tools and new specializations
After completing the main campaign, you will gain access to new specializations like demolition of buildings and sniper abilities and you will be able to survive in difficult conditions. Each internship will develop a system for you to develop your character, which includes new abilities, modes, and unique talents to maximize your agent’s effectiveness in the chosen role.
A living and dynamic world
Citizens and factions are fighting for the purpose of obtaining various things like food, medicine and ammunition. They will fight each other in the ruins of the city and try to take over resources and sites – and even their very survival. The needs and aspirations of each faction will collide with each other, leading to different encounters, ranging from more or less friendly factions, with citizens and finally with you as agents, creating a dynamic world full of surprises