Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair


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Nintendo Switches Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair Neon Pink / Green
Right Joy-Con controller and left Joy-Con controller which are a complete set of Joy-Con controllers.
Equip yourself with another set of controllers to open up new game options and add more friends to the party.

This set includes two Joy-Con controllers (left and right-pink and green) and two black grip straps.
The Joy Con controller offers a number of surprising and new ways for players to play. You can use two Joy-Con controllers independently in each hand, or together as one controller with both controllers connected to the Joy-Con Grip accessory (included in the package).
Plus you can connect the two controllers to the main console screen for use in mobile mode, or transfer one controller to a friend and enjoy playing supported games together.

Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons that can be used as a stand-alone controller, each with motion sensors and a gyro sensor, which bring the control and steering control experience left and right in racing games to a new level of fun.
The right Joy-Con controller includes an NFC point for interacting with amiibo characters, along with a ‘Motion IR’ camera that can detect the distance, shape and movement of objects in specially designed games.

For example, the controller can not only detect how far it is from the player’s hand, but also if the player’s palm is in the shape of a stone, paper or scissors.
The two Joy-Con controllers include the HD Rumble systems, which provide compatible games with a particularly sophisticated and realistic vibration mode.
Up to the level that a player can, for example, feel the vibration of ice cubes colliding inside a glass of drink when he moves the Joy-Con controller and even manage to guess how many cubes were in the glass.