Tippy Pad Anti Abandonment Device Smart Pad Black




With TIPPY, children are no longer forgotten in the car
Tippy Pad is the best-selling anti-forgetfulness device in Italy since 2017. It is an innovative Bluetooth pillow that is attached to the child’s safety seat and allows its presence to be identified, thus preventing the danger of forgetting the child in the car.
How does it work?
The Tippy Pad pad communicates through a dedicated app. To set up the Tippy Pad, follow the instructions in the manual or watch the instructional video.

Italian mothers recommend TIPPY The
Tippy Pad is a device for preventing forgetfulness chosen by the Italian mothers of the agency Fattore mamma.
Bluetooth connection
Thanks to BLE technology, the Tippy Pad disconnects when you are several meters away from the vehicle.
After disconnection, the Tippy app sends an audible alert that alerts the parent to the presence of the child in the vehicle.
Disconnecting the alert
It is possible to disconnect the first alert within the first 40 seconds and act without delay to eliminate the danger of forgetting the child.
Sending a message to two emergency contacts A
message with the geographical location of the vehicle from which the alert came was sent to two pre-saved emergency contacts, allowing a real rescue network to be created.
Connect it to your app
Tippy Pad communicates directly with your smartphone. After registering and setting up, the app connects to the Pad in the child car seat, and detects that the child is sitting in the car seat.
Technical data
• BLE communication technology
• The product can be easily installed in all car safety seats
• Battery life – 4 years (average use 2 hours a day)
• Management option of up to 4 devices
• IOS and Android compatible application
• Removable and washable fabric
• Positive result in crash test
• The product complies with the requirements of European regulations
• Battery level monitoring
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