• Galaxy Buds +’s adaptable microphone system ensures that you can be heard beyond annoying noises.
    The 2 external microphones work together with the internal microphone to block the ambient sounds when you are in a call.
  • Play music without worrying about battery life.
    Enjoy up to 11 hours of uninterrupted listening time with a single charge, which extends to a total of 22 hours with the Galaxy Buds + charging case.
  • Fast charging – 3 minutes is enough for an hour of music!
  • Use your smartphone to check how much battery life is left in each headset and charging case so you can know when to charge.
  • Connect your Galaxy Buds + in one easy step to compatible devices in your Samsung Cloud account. No need to disconnect, Bluetooth connectivity is easily transferred from your phone to your tablet or other Samsung devices.


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