FIFA 22 English / Arabic
The FIFA 22 game from EA SPORTS, brings a whole season of innovation in all game modes with the next generation HyperMotion technology that combines machine learning with motion capture data applied to the whole team for the ultimate team game experience + including the goalkeeper. Let your football dream come true by creating your own team and managing it all the way to fame in Career Mode. Manage the incentives for your players each according to their personal style with a redesign of the game experience in VOLTA FOOTBALL. This is the most realistic football game there is today where you too can watch reruns of memorable footballers in FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes and feel the electrifying atmosphere of your next big game.
HyperMotion Game Technology
The all-new HyperMotion technology, in EA SPORTS FIFA and next-generation consoles, combines two technologies for the first time ever, creating a revolution in the football gaming experience:
• Advanced Capture of Game 11 vs. 11: Xsens suits allow, for the first time, traffic capture from 22 professional footballers playing at high intensity. The unprecedented volume of quality data on human movement gives you many indications and allows you to bring your group to full optimization.
• Machine learning: The advanced machine learning algorithm learns more than 8.7 million frames of advanced game capture and then writes new animations in real time, to create a realistic and organic football experience in a variety of interactions on the field.
• Authentic group movement for the first time ever, using Xsens suits, which are a technological enhancement at high intensity. The data collected from each touch, running tackle and duel create the largest number of souls in FIFA history.
• ML FLOW – Our machine learning algorithm reinvents the way animations work in sports video games, with more smooth operation and a more realistic display than ever before.
The ML FLOW algorithm – an algorithm that writes the new animations in a real variety and allows players to better adjust the pace of their running pace as they approach the ball to improve control and allow smoother kicks.
Tactical Artificial Intelligence – Tactical artificial intelligence creates a deeper understanding of the game in all 22 players and allows each player to better understand the lineup of his teammates and opponents for a new gameplay and a new level of realism and tactics. On offense, players can now make up to 6 times more decisions per second, to improve awareness of their environment, make smarter moves in cooking and respond faster to free-kicks.
Thanks to the rebuilding of artificial intelligence in defense, the teams are now operating better as a single unit, maintaining their shape in motion on the pitch and covering empty spaces.
• Kinetic air battles – The improved technology for interaction between two players synchronizes the animations of the players, to a higher level of realism and reaction when they jump in a fight for the ball. Defensive and offensive players push, pull and brake to tackle the levels into extension, ball distances and long passes, for better performance in tight situations and cleaner results when players struggle to get to the ball first.

Good ball control
Thanks to the renewal of the animation pool, ball control in FIFA 22 is more natural than ever. Longer animations, with two touch points, allow for better control of the balls in the air, more agility and flexibility in capturing balls on the ground and more power in hiding and keeping the ball, to give you new ways to push forward on offense.
• More human players – with the advanced capture of game 11 against 11, the new ball games of players without a ball and the environmental behavior help to breathe life into the characters on the field.
Opponents can be seen talking, pointing and aiming at each other according to the activity, with an image based on power, according to the level of urgency of the players, making FIFA a more realistic and immersive game than ever before.
Career Mode
Come and fulfill FIFA 22’s Career Dreams in Football, where you can create a club and lead it from relegation to international giant status, and enjoy a re-experience of Player Career, with more ways to advance, achieve and drift in your professional journey in the game. .
VOLTA FOOTBALL is back with more style on the field and with new ways to express yourself and connect with the team on street football fields from all over the world.
Come build your own dream team and compete in the most popular mode in FIFA, with thousands of players that can be added to your club and countless matching options for it, on and off the field.
Or play alone in Squad Battles mode, together in FUT Co-Op, online in Division Rivals or against the best in FUT Champions mode and FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) will connect you to the world of football throughout the season. Plenty of additional content inspired by real-world games and competitions, including the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the Libertadores Cup.
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team rebuilds the competition experience in Division Rivals and FUT Champions to make it more convenient to test your skills and progress against other players. This mode gives you more ways to design the club as you wish with a new depth of customization options on and off the pitch and adds FU for the first time