In the new title FIFA 20, EA Sports introduces you to two new aspects of the game world and brings to life the prestige of the professional stage and the authentic experience of street football.
The innovation in the new game FIFA 20 is felt throughout the game, the game intelligence reveals an unprecedented platform for a realistic game,
The FIFA Ultimate Team offers additional ways to build your dream team and EA Sports Volta returns the game to the city streets.


EA Sports Volta takes football back to the streets, showcasing authentic culture, creativity and a style of small play.
Build your character, express your style and play in varied forms in different environments around the world.
Volta Gameplay
Express your style using the all-new game system, which features realistic football.
Inspired by authentic street football games around the world, the Volta Gameplay offers new tools so you can match your playing style to the style of playing on the streets
Through simple movements and skill matching, new and sophisticated animation and even the option to use the wall as a team member.


Street football offers an infinity of ways to customize your player; From clothing, hair and tattoos to victory movements during the game.
Create your actor and test them in the different game modes.


Show off your Volta football style and equip your players with the latest clothing items, from shirts, shoes and jackets to tattoos and hair styling.
Progress in the game, complete missions and additional clothing details will be available for you.


Volta Football opens up the possibility for you to play in different locations around the world; From an underground passage in Amsterdam, a neighborhood in London to the roof of a building in Tokyo,
Volta allows players to experience local experiences from around the world through the familiar and international gameplay.

Types of accommodations

Customization is at the heart of the way you play.
Play in 3X3, 4X4 and 5X5 ensembles in regular or fast-paced play.
In addition, Volta offers different sizes of playgrounds and environments, with or without walls, allowing you players to play the great game as you wish. 

Volta Kick-Off modes

Take your favorite professional team back to the streets and compete in violating different locations and vehicles.
Play PSG Vs. Lyon in Paris, Derby Madrid on the streets of Spain or Chelsea Vs. Spurs in London.

Volta World

Build your Volta team by playing with one player against community teams in different formats and locations.
After each victory, add to your team a player from the opposing team and build a team made up of talented players, with whom you have chemistry.

Volta Story

Take your player to a story-driven experience in which you compete with legendary street football players around the world.
Earn rewards, match your player, form your team and reach the summit of the Volta World Championship in Buenos Aires.

Volta League

Play your way into the Volta Online League.
The new one-on-one game format allows for online player competition and in-game progress.


The game is redesigned so you can experience the Football Intelligence experience, which introduces a new and unprecedented level of realism in the game.
Football Intelligence brings the game to new heights through tracking crucial moments, authentic gameplay and the physics of ball movements.
This approach is designed to put users at the center of the game.

Authentic game flow

Awareness of time, space and attitudes are basic skills in the world of football.
Through the authentic game flow that is emphasized, each player, controlled by AI, will make moves in a way that takes these elements into account and creates an environment that provides more time and space.

A dynamic one-on-one game

Based on the pace of play of the best leagues in the world, the flow of the game allows to experience the space and pace of the game in a very real way and emphasizes the user’s control over the characters.

AI protection

Improving the positioning and collision systems creates an environment where the user can better control the players.
The AI ​​supports the defensive moves while rewarding and promoting the protective users.

Natural player movement

Through the innovation in mobility and position, the characters move more naturally than ever in the realistic football movements of all the players on the field.

Crucial moments

A football game consists of a series of key moments that determine the outcome of the game, from a concentrated finish in the third final to controlling clashes, the games will be decided according to the user’s decisions at the critical moments.


The new mechanics of dribbling add a new dimension to the attacking possibilities and allow the ability to move faster than ever in order to pull the opponent to the depth of the field and defeat him on the basis of skills or speed.

Attacks are controlled

By utilizing the active touch system, the defense control users gain an advantage and are rewarded during a variety of new attack animations.
The smoother the attack, the greater the chance of snatching the ball from the opposing team.


A system refresh allows for a more precise direction of free kicks and penalty kicks and introduces skill-based mechanics, making goal insertion more rewarding than ever.

End a complex game

The improvement in the basics of goal kicks allows you to experience a game ending consistently, which creates a true game experience and allows for rewards for authentic games.

Ball physics
The key element in a football game is the ball.
The physics system raises the game to a new level of realism and allows for new kick-offs, realistic glitch interactions and

physics-based behavior .

Football-based movements
Upgrading the motion system makes the rotations and bounces more authentic and realistic than ever, creating a true gaming experience.

New kicking lanes The new
ball movement system opens up a large number of options and realistic kicking
lanes . UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup

The world’s prestigious competition club, which includes the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup, is reviving in FIFA 20 with elements of realism from UEFA,
Like the broadcast method, the evaluation badges and the iconic trophies and through a variety of game modes, which include FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Career Mode, A Standalone Champions League Mode and more.

Additional modes:
– Manager Tasks.
– Single Player & Online Seasons.
– Single Player & Online Tournaments.
– Single Player & Online Draft.
– Online Single Match.
– Squad Building Challenges.
– New Kick-Off Experience.
– Career Mode.
– Pro-Clubs.
– Skill Games.